The words, “stuck in a moment”,  resonated loudly from the melody of the U2 song. Bono penned the poignant words in response to the apparent suicide of his friend Micheal Hutchence. Ultimately, the words influenced the salvaged denim jackets customised story.

A story of hope where a collaged patch depicted the despair of an angel at the alter of life. The patch stating ‘No’ … calling the angel back from closing the golden curtains to her life story forever.

The customised jacket with the embroidered statement, “stuck in a moment,” was featured at the first Kimbralou showcase @rawaustralia November 2017. The piece, an artefact from the debut Runway collection, giving Kimbralou a creative voice.

The “stuck in a moment” jacket is seen as an important archive piece. It’s customised intention is to inspire power to move a life story from inevitable moments of despair to the next page of hope. A new page with more strength from having moved, through mindfulness, past the moment.

“Its just a moment, this time will pass” (Bono)


PHOTO: @rsit_richard

MODELS:  @jacobwillow @__jessemay_

HMUA : @jacobwillow @__jessemay__

STYLING: @kimbralou